Q & A

Who are you, Carl Luo?

 I was born in New York, grew up in Phila Tri-State area and the American Southwest.

I like Italian, pizza, Hong Kong Dim Sum—especially Dan Taat (Egg Custard Pastry, ) Beef and Broccoli with Oyster Sauce, Fried rice and noodles, Peking Duck, Bak Chit Gaai (Hundred Cut Boiled Chicken with ginger and spring onion sauce,) Taiwan Jiao Tzu (boiled dumplings,) Sushi, Ramen, Beni Hana, Sukiyaki, Tacos, Tostada’s, Enchilada’s, Chimichangas, Hot Sauce, Margaritas, French fries, subs, cheese steak hoagies, hamburger and hot dogs with the works, Starbucks… 


B.A. in East Asian Studies.  

Hong Kong 

Masters Degree

City University of Hong Kong.

Why did you write this book?

Because I like to daydream, and learned how to turn daydreams into novels in school. 

Is Hong Kong Angel your debut novel?


Yes Ma’am. 

What about the book cover, who made it? 

The book cover was made using Procreate and the 1897 oil painting by English artist, John Collier, entitled “Lady Godiva.”

Collier’s painting is fortunately in the public domain, which means it can be used freely, even altered and rebranded. Publisher has no interest in rebranding per se, only of paying homage to a great work of art and using it for this book cover.


Since the protagonist in Hong Kong Angel idolizes the frontline medic as part Joan de Arc for her courage, and part Godiva for her beauty—his “Godiva de Arc,”  Collier’s depiction of a young Lady Godiva made the perfect cover.

The Victorian buildings were removed and a new background using Collier’s same color palette and values was painted in. 

The figure and horse were left untouched. If you wish to see the original, please click here. 

Collier was born in 1850 and died in 1934, and painted in the Pre-Raphaelite style, characterized by brilliant colors, sharp-focus techniques, attenuation to nature and Romanticism. Romanticism emphasized emotion and individualism as sources for aesthetic experience. instead of the scientific rationalization of Nature. (Wikipedia) 

Godiva’s sensual leg is painted and posed so masterfully it’s all we need to see to create the illusion of her being totally naked, which she needs to be when she rides through Coventry.  Details of the legend can be found here.

 Also, the caparison—the cloth covering the steed, is embroidered with the British lion and other national symbols of England, relics now of Britain’s bygone days in Hong Kong.

Does Hong Kong Angel have a message? If so what is it?

Burn the boat. Risk it all for what you truly want.

What’s on yourTumblr channel?

The Tumblr blog will showcase 2019 protest artwork, photos and videos that Hong Kong students posted on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts—accounts now shut down, their owners in prison, in exile or just disappeared. I saved thousands and thousands of images and videos at the time. 

Most of the art and posters are in Hong Kong Cantonese, but you won’t miss out on anything, because they’ll be translated into English with appropriate commentary. 

Where can people purchase Hong Kong Angel?

E-novels available on Barnes&Noble, Apple Books, Amazon, Smashwords, Vivlio, Kobo, Baker & Taylor, Scribd, Tolino, Gardners and BorrowBox.

How much?

$3.95 for the e-novel.

Writing any other books?

You bet. 

Just gotta keep two jumps ahead of the CCP National Security Police and I should be good for many more.

Do you have contact information?


info @ hongkongangel.com

Twitter  aka X

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Thanks for visiting. 

I appreciate you!